We could not resist bringing you the ultimate Belgian experience by serving real Belgian chips. Belgian chips hold their reputation thanks to the process of double frying the “Bintjes” potatoes. The two different frying temperatures allow the chips to be golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty in the inside.

Now, we are talking about Belgian fries, so forget the vinegar and embrace the Mayonnaise! Did you know Belgium actually has a “Mayonnaise law”? We take it THAT seriously!


Meet our Chef, Fabrice Rocheteau. Fabrice has been cooking in some of the most notorious restaurants in Brussels. With his 25 years experience as a chef, he will delight your hungry stomach with typical Belgian dishes such as “croquette de crevettes” (shrimps croquette),”ballekes sauce liegeoise” (meatballs with beer sauce)…


Hungry for some other Belgian savoury specialties? Have a Belgian cheese and dry sausage platter. There are more than hundred types of different cheeses produced in Belgium. We’ll make sure to offer you a range of delicacies that specifically goes well with beers.