Ales Tales Festival - Food

Ales Tales has worked closely with food pairing professionals to design a menu that will allow you to mix and match some of the beers with delicious food. Take a minute to read the good advices given by the professionals (available in the 2018 program)…sip and dig into the food!


We could not resist bringing you the ultimate Belgian experience by serving real Belgian chips. Belgian chips hold their reputation thanks to the process of double frying the “Bintjes” potatoes. The two different frying temperatures allow the chips to be golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty in the inside.

Now, we are talking about Belgian fries, so forget the vinegar and embrace the Mayonnaise! Did you know Belgium actually has a “Mayonnaise law”? We take it THAT seriously!

More Food?

Meet our Chef: Fabrice Rocheteau. He will delight your hungry stomach with typical Belgian dishes specifically selected with a food pairing professional. “Un peu de tout”= “a little bit of everything” is a Brussels expression that inspired us to create a 8 small dishes platter.


More details coming soon!